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Marriage Advises Going In Vain?

I believe all marital issues can be solved. I am a marriage coach and I understand how it feels to be lonely in a marriage. I train you to face your own fears.

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December 6,2017

Is Your Marriage Exhausted from Teenage Parenting?

When couples get married they are warned about the romanticism level which would decline after they choose parenthood. What people...

December 6,2017

How to Avoid Financial Arguments in Your Marriage?

Most of the marital conflicts have finance as one of the main cause. Marriage comes with lots of responsibilities. Saving...

December 6,2017

The 3P’s To Avoid In Your Married Life

Marriage is a lovely gift from God. We often hustle when it comes to decisions related to our relationships. We...

March 22,2018

Intimacy in marriage: How to deal with it?

The creation of Adam and Eve by the Lord had marked the birth of a new bond known as Marriage....

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    Unlike counselors I found my coach in Leena and she has been mentoring me and teaching how to make my relationship work.

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    With two kids and a marriage which was on the verge of breaking, I sought Leena’s assistance and have been satisfied with the results.

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    Leena played a critical role in my life where she not only mentored me but was with me through out the transformation journey.

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    Leena Paranjpe has been a constant support and guide helping my marriage out of the rough waters.

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    Leena has been the saviour of our marriage and opened our eyes to tackle the issues in a better way.

Are you in despair because of marital issues

These are some of my Couple stories who asked for my assistance for the betterment of their marriage. All who come to me are my clients and I hold myself responsible in carving a better future for them.

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